Adding Your Name To An Animation...Bemy's Way!!

Yup, Bemy is at it again!
This time i'ma gonna help you add your
name to an animated .gif!
I hope you enjoy this one!
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Adding Your Name To An Animation...Bemy's Way!
written by Bemymind©

okies folks....i've been doing some of these tuts
that have been sent my way...
even sent a few out before checking them....
ohhhhh maaaaaannnnnn i am sorry!
it is so much easier that that!
i found small animations to work with that are
free at:
Animation Factory - Free Animated Gifs and 3D Clipart
Here we go:
Have PSP open and go to
File>Jasc Software Products>Launch Animation Shop
now both proggies are open:)
In Animation Shop open the .gif you want to add your name to.
I am using this one:

you do not want your text to be bigger than the frame
of your animation so do the size check under
View>HTML Code
and check the width
my width is 100 pixels
Go to PSP and open a new image
100x100 (for the gif i am using)
create your text:

go up to the tool bar and click the
copy button.

Let's put that name on the animation.....!!!!
Bring back your Animation shop and click on the
Paste as a new animation button:

while your name is still the selected animation..
(the tool bar is bright color)
click the copy button.

minimize your name and click the top bar of your
gif to make it the selected ani to work with.
on your keyboard hit Ctrl A to select all frames of this gif.
you should see blue lines on all your frames now.
go up to the "propagate paste" and click on it

hold your cursor over the center of the first frame of your gif and
right click, choose "paste into selected frame"

here is a bit of a touchy part....
make sure you do not click until you have your
copy where you want it! don't worry that at this
point your name is not in all the frames....

once you have it where you want it.....
left click once and it will stay there!:)
once you click....your name appears in all the frames:)

to keep your original animation and this
as a different animation go to:
File>Save As
and rename it

click save and follow the instructions.
i think you will have to click next 3 times and finish once:)
just click next and finish as they come up...let the default
settings make this one:)
Tada you are done!

December 2001

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