Manipulating Text Using Vector Boxes
1st in a, wait...that's 2nd in the series! LOL
©Bemymind March 14, 2009
Once you have your image set up, these steps can be scripted and used
in the Scripting 101 scripts for tagging.
You will need Paint Shop Pro version 8.10 or above
and an image of your choice.
Here is my image i'll be using for this tutorial:)
 Choose your preset shape tool  and set to rectangle .
With these settings:
Set your background to null and choose a bright contrasting color for
your foreground .
Draw out the rectangle where you want your text to be:
Then go to Layers>New Raster Layer.
Your Layer Pallet should look like this:
click on that + sign and see this:.
File>Save> and save as a .pspimage, making sure
you click the options button and choose the version of PSP you are using.
if you don't, it will give you an error message about loosing the vector information.
Now we are ready to add text!
choose your font and set your foreground and background
colors to what you'd like:)
Click anywere you want to on your image to get the
text box to come up:
Well, look at that, my copy isn't where i want it AND
it's too dang long! :)
Here is where the kewl manipulations come into play:
In your layer pallet that now looks like this:
click on the + signs to open up the vector layers like so:
Click on 'Rectangle' to highlight it like so:
right click over the 'Happy Anniversary' layer
go to Make Objects The Same Size>Both
(for the purpose of this can choose either vertical or horizontal
when you get more practice :)
You will see your text change in the image window, but we aren't done yet!
Then, still holding the shift key down, right click over your text layer
again and choose Align Object>Vertical Center
copy will jump to the center of the box:
Still holding down the shift key right click over your text layer
and choose Align>Horizontal Center:
and voila! your text is where you want it and it fits! :)
Go to your layer pallet and convert your text to raster layer
then delete the vector box layer, then merge>all flatten.
and you're done:)
hope this helps folks!